Meditate and Live a Joyful, Blissful Life

There is something within you that seeks perfection, that seeks absorption and until that occurs to you, you’ll never rest and you’ll never really know peace. This path will teach you how to eliminate your unhappy feelings, your unhappy attachments; you’ll learn how to overcome your bitterness and your hates and your jealousies and your angers and frustrations. All those things will go away and will be replaced by selfless love and selfless giving, humility, purity, integrity, love.

If you are not living an ecstatic life filled with joy and bliss on a daily basis, there is only one reason. Many of us don't realize how much our life is affected by the progress we make spiritually. Every aspect of our lives are improved when we make jumps in our spiritual world.

Meditate and Experience Worlds of Light

When you meditate, you get in touch with the deepest part of yourself. Beyond the world of thought, and sensorial impressions, there are planes and dimensions of perfect light, knowledge and radiant perfection. Meditation is simply a process of moving your awareness field from the awareness of this world, from the awareness of time and space, into Eternity, into the eternal dimensions of Samadhi, Nirvana, Love.

Love is, in its essence, a free, formless strand of luminosity. Love can cause us to take a quantum leap in our spiritual growth. If we examine the essence of existence very closely, we'll find that the essence of existence is love. There really is nothing that isn't love.

Dissolving in Meditation

Entering deep meditation means that you lose your individual awareness as a person. You no longer have a name, an address; you are no longer in this world at all. There's no sense of the earth, time, space, past history, future possibilities. All of that goes away. All of that is completely erased.

You dissolve, but in your dissolution you become something greater. You become Eternity. You Experience Divine Worlds of Light directly.

What other's have said about this event:

Consciousness is Awakening

“I wanted to thank you again for who you are and what you do. I continue to live each day with much more joy and happiness. I feel like my consciousness is awakening. I knew there was something waiting to bust out but didn’t know how to do it.”

~ Gary Barwig

Fulfills the Longing of the Soul

"The mystical teaching is so personal & intimate, The Energy that is received thru opens us up to one’s heart. This action is so dazzling & mysterious and fulfilling of the longing of one’s soul."

~Dr. R. Cherney

Everything is Beautiful

"I feel connected to everything... wherever my eyes gaze is a miracle to me... a joyous miracle... everything is so fresh and so beautiful. I feel like I'm Peter Pan flying around the magical Neverland having the time of my life!"

~Bernadette Dimitrov

Experience True Meditation

How Light Energy Works

We all have energy made of light. Some call it divine energy, shakti or spititual energy. What's important is that this energy affects all parts of our lives. The most successful people have more access to this energy. They apply it to their lives and live a happier more abundant life.

Once you learn the REAL methods to shifting yourself and gain this energy, you too can experience a life full of joy and abundance.

Beginner or Experienced

Whether you are new to meditation and want to learn the correct, fast you will walk away with ancient techniques that have been around for thousands of years.

If you've meditated for years and your meditations has gotten stagnant and boring, you will walk away with true techniques that will put energy and make your meditation powerful

An Energy Light Transmission

An exciting experience is to feel Light directly. Esoteric teachers can do something regular teachers cannot do.

They can transfer energy directly to the student. They can do this because they have spent thousand of hours and lifetimes advancing in meditation and now have access to high vibrating energy, not only for themselves, but for others in order to advance them quickly. That's why this is such a special event.